Care for Casualties

It would be nice if someone were to benefit from our foolhardyness, so we have decided to support the charity Care for Casualties, in aid of the Rifles Regiment. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please follow this link.

Care for Casualties

Since 2007,  The Rifles have suffered  more casualties than any other regiment with 58 Killed in Action and over 300 seriously wounded. Most have been injured by IEDs which cause complex multiple trauma. Some injuries are not obvious now – evidence shows that psychological problems will develop in ex soldiers years after their service ends. Within the next 3 years all our battalions can expect to deploy once again on operations in Afghanistan.

The bottom line is that our Riflemen have risked their lives and bodies on our behalf and will do so again. We need to do everything we can to support them and to show our appreciation for their sacrifices.

Care for Casualties is an appeal that gives the severely wounded, their families and the families of the fallen of The Rifles the support, the inspiration and the means to rebuild their lives and make the best of their futures.

In the words of one supporter, “We owe it to the blokes to look after them”

It’s not just about the money, Care for Casualties also needs offers of help in kind such as holidays, advice, jobs and training which can inspire self sufficiency and hope.

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