This device is now disabled as I have completed my journey. Thanks to all those who were interested enough to follow my progress.

Service reinstated for Dawn to check my progress on Linda’s charity bike ride. May 19th 2012.
Reinstated again on 2nd November 2014 for Dawn & Lin to follow Paul & Jon’s latest Bike Ride.

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6 thoughts on “FollowMee

  1. Hi Paul,

    Looks like you are doing well there OLD Buddy !! 🙂
    Seriously hope you are ok and that the trainning put you in good condition to tackle this. Looks good on the map there… Keep up the good work

  2. Hi Paul,

    I see you made it today. What was the weather like? The second stage of the Tour of Britain has been cancelled for safety reasons due to high winds across the competition route in Cumbria and Lancashire. You were in Cumbria last night weren’t you?
    You are doing really well!

    Lots of love
    Elsabie, Craig and Elizabeth

  3. What a load of Wussies. We saw them arriving in we Carlisle yesterday. To be fair it was very very windy today and the faster you went the more dangerous it became.
    It was ok when the wind was behind me – I caught up a lot of time then.
    If the ferry runs tomorrow I should get to Arran and then I’m on the home stretch.
    Love to you all

  4. I see you are moving away from the coast and image that the ferry is not running in these winds. I just wanted to say that I am totally impressed by what you have been able to achieve in these conditions and even if you don’t make it to destination in the time available, it is still a fantastic achievement.

    It is difficult to imagine worse conditions than these for a cyclist and I’m surprised that you have been able to proceed at all in these winds. Being a bit of a sailor, I know about wind.

    Well done


  5. hi m8,hope you’re doing ok, do you think you’ll have WEBBED feet when you get back. should have taken your canoe or surf board m8. well done anyway paul all credit to you. take care see you soon. meow meow the cat whisperer.

  6. Hi Paul
    Not far to go now!On the last leg, Well done and good luck.
    Hope you have not got too many aches and pains.
    You will enjoy the ride back!
    Best Wishes Clive O

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