The routes on this site are made using Bikemap.net which is an excellent site but unfortunately when displayed on a web page they don’t work well on an iphone. However these links below are optimised for the iphone and therefore work much better than the web pages.

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Land’s End to John O’Groats http://bikemap.net/route/1218317

Day 1 Land’s End to St. Austell http://bikemap.net/route/1156289

Day 2 St. Austell to Exeter http://bikemap.net/route/1156551

Day 3 Exeter to Weston Super Mare http://bikemap.net/route/1174404

Day 4 Weston Super Mare to Hereford http://bikemap.net/route/1174563

Day 5 Hereford to Shrewsbury http://bikemap.net/route/1181779

Day 6 Shrewsbury to Northwich http://bikemap.net/route/1174404

Day 7 Northwich to Slaidburn http://bikemap.net/route/1181781

Day 8 Slaidburn to Carlisle http://bikemap.net/route/1181783

Day 9 Carlisle to Kendoon http://bikemap.net/route/1217422

Day 10 Kendoon to Ardrossan http://bikemap.net/route/1217452

Day 10 Isle of Arran http://bikemap.net/route/1217469

Day 11 Lochranza to Oban http://bikemap.net/route/1181789

Day 12 Oban to Fort Augustus http://bikemap.net/route/1181790

Day 13 Fort Augustus to Bonar Bridge http://bikemap.net/route/1181792

Day 14 Bonar Bridge to Tongue http://bikemap.net/route/1181796

Day 15 Tongue to John O’Groats http://bikemap.net/route/1181798

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