The Ride

This page became a little unweildly so I have split it into 5 day sections. Please select them using the drop down menu which appears when you hover the mouse over the menu.

9 thoughts on “ The Ride

  1. Sorry to read about Jon. Hope he can recover and re-join you at some stage. Keep going Paul, before you know it you will be on the run in.

  2. Hi Paul no idea if you receive these emails but thought I would just send a big congrats on what you have achieved so far on the ride. I am off to Shrewsbury tonight to meet up with all of you so will bring a few cans with me. Unyil then keep going.

  3. Good to see your still going Horrible!
    Dont forget to stop off and fill up on Kendal mint cake. Much better than any energy bar!

  4. Hi paul, reading your blog everyday, didn’t go very well early on but you are going well now, it’s all those miles in your legs! . wish i was riding with you instead of being at koito!. Have a good un mate, see you back at work, paul

  5. Thanks Paul. It’s true I’m getting into my stride now but the headwinds are still a challenge.
    Still can’t match your pace though.
    See you next week. Paul

  6. Apart from putting us joking cyclists to shame you have shown the Pro’s how to do it.
    The Tour of Britain stage was cancelled today due a bit of wind that you breezed through.
    Keep it going Paul, you are an inspiration to the rest of us.
    Hurry up back as Walshy is struggling on the Honda!

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